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Room 0.012

Kapoenstraat 2

6211 KR, Maastricht

The Netherlands

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P.O. Box 616

6200 MD Maastricht

The Netherlands

What is the Green Office?

The Maastricht University Green Office (UMGO) was the first of a model that has now spread to 27 higher education institutions across six countries. When we began, a small but committed group of students wanted to see Maastricht University doing more in the realm of sustainability. They successfully lobbied to have a student-run sustainability unit embedded within the institution and many of the early projects they bootstrapped were met with tangible success.

Today, we run sustainability projects in collaboration with students and staff, and facilitate communication between various stakeholders from the university and community who have complementary goals/interests in the area of sustainability. 

Our Vision

Maastricht University is a driver of sustainable development. UM prioritizes sustainability in all decision making and empowers its community in becoming a transdisciplinary hub for social and environmental research and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

The Green Office is a driving force for sustainability efforts at UM. We are a sustainability service-provider that connects students, staff, and the community. ​As such, we empower bottom-up initiatives and facilitate cooperation between departments to achieve UM’s sustainability goals. We raise awareness, inspire critical, creative and collaborative thinking about sustainability challenges. ​As a result, we harness energy, harvest ideas and deliver outcomes. We believe that shared responsibility, transparency and accountability are inherent to these endeavors.